Jo Ann Tooley has taken pictures most of her adult life. Her father was a professional photographer in East Tennessee. One of her favorite locales for shooting is West Virginia, where she and her husband have a second home. Even though it is lush and colorful there, she prefers black & white because stripping a scene of its color allows the viewer to see it a different way. Tooley shoots mostly with film and prints her own images using the finest papers and archival inks.

She has exhibited widely in the Washington, D.C. area, including the Torpedo Factory, Target Gallery, Multiple Exposures Gallery, Mosaic Gallery, Edison Place Gallery, Barry Gallery, Photoworks, the Corner Store Gallery, the Popcorn Gallery, Gallery 57, and the Art League

She is a member of the Torpedo Factory Artists Association, Gallery 57, and the Art League. She regularly exhibits her work at Gallery 311, which is located in the Torpedo Factory. Additionally, she served on the Board of the Art League and as co-director of TAG (now Gallery 311). A few years ago, she founded f11, A Women’s Photography Collective, a group of 8 fine art photographers.♦


E-mail: tooley.joann@gmail.com

Phone: 703-524-5723 home  703-409-3867 mobile

Facebook: facebook.com/joanntooleyphotography 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/joann.tooley